The very website you're browsing now, built with some of my favorite tools to be responsive, performant, and SEO friendly.

Mangareader API

This is a RESTful API that leverages the power of puppeteer to crawl and scrape providing any HTTP/HTTPS capable client the ability to filter manga searches and read/retrieve manga. Be sure to check out the api documentation at!


Powered by several IBM Cloud services, this translator achieves speedy translations of single words by generating and serving a static HTML page for the requested translation. Several languages are currently supported.


A straight forward recipe manager with its content served from the backend using the headless CMS Strapi and authentication powered by Next-Auth. A user can create an account and log in to manage their recipes and browse other user recipes.


My own implementation of a job search aggregator. Powered by the headless chrome node.js api Puppeteer, this single page application uses web automation and web scraping techniques to make the job search less of a headache. Be on the lookout for tracking features and analytics coming soon.


Similar to the late Yik Yak, a user can anonymously post a comment that would be visible to nearby users. Posts can also be viewed and sorted by state or simply all posts.


Everybody's gotta have one of these right? It's my weather app! Stay tuned for its facelift, coming soon.


More akin to notes, these are datastructures I have implemented using javascript. Includes singly and doubly linked lists. Coming soon: stacks, queues, BSTs, heaps, hash tables, and graphs. Photo credit =>